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"DeskCalc" is a full featured adding machine - desktop calculator plus capabilities associated
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7 December 2006

Editor's review

Mathematical calculations can be easily performed whenever and wherever we wish to owing to the fact calculator applications are available today on a host of devices ranging from the PC to the Smartphone. These utilities have not only helped in fastening up and speeding the procedures of calculation and mathematics; but have also made it simpler for anyone of us to get through complex equations and helps in easing out the burden. Although, there are several programs and applications with in-built calculators and related features, nonetheless, their working and capability depends upon their feature listings. In any case, any application can suffice for calculative purposes such as an MS Excel application or in built Calc; however Deskcalc Pro 4.0.31 can prove to be a full featured and enhanced application which can help for calculation purposes at anytime.

Deskcalc Pro opens with a compact and neatly organized interface with the chief options placed at the at the top panel and the right side of the screen showing up the various tools and controls that can help in calculation purposes. The main screen shows the calculation screen with detailed explanation and displays the results in a clear and simplistic manner. This full featured utility provides the user with enhanced functions which can be expected from any high quality calculator and at the same simple to work through. The features of the program include checkstrip and text input blank along with correction and modification probabilities and formulae interpreter which can easily perform tax, percentage and floating and fixed point calculations without any hassle.

Overall, Deskcalc Pro 4.0.31 definitely gets respectable kudos for its tools and mathematical features and hence gets a rating of four points for its assistive working and impressive performance. The application is likely to find many takers amongst the student community.

Publisher's description

"DeskCalc" is a full featured adding machine with the functions you expect from a mechanical adding machine plus capabilities associated with a Windows environment. Features include a check-strip with comfortable text input per position, correction possibilities (rectifying, adding and deleting values), built-in formula interpreter, sales tax functions, cache (memory function), percentage calculation, EURO-conversion, floating point- and fixed point- calculation, subdivision into thousands, fast correction key, display of the results in task strip and window title line, printing with heading and date/time, Excel-export.
Deskcalc Pro
Deskcalc Pro
Version 4.0.31
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